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March 18, 2010
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Peach? Luma?- S Mario Galaxy by Iluvendure Peach? Luma?- S Mario Galaxy by Iluvendure


NOTE: Recently, the Koopalings were disinherited. Nintendo has decreed that now they are not children of Bowser. Now, Bowser does not need a "Vasectomy" but this is a sad change for me... a small part of my childhood is gone

An fanart honoring to Bowser Koopa and Rosalina, the "Single Parents" of the Super Mario Saga. I am very satisfied with the color, have not used black in order that the drawing is happier, as an infantile illustration (And as the "original game", since I have always found that is a design very cheerful and " happy Flower ").

Bowsy meets adorable in the drawing, certainly XD.

NOTA: Recientemente, los Koopalings han sido desheredados. Nintendo ha decretado que ahora ellos no son hijos de Bowser (solamente Bowsy). Ahora, Bowser no necesita una "vasectomía", pero esto es un cambio un poco triste para mí ... una pequeña parte de mi infancia se ha ido

Hoy estoy contenta porque ya he conseguido mandar algunos de los dibujos para S.Hunters the Game, y su creador parece estar a gusto con el estilo (que es un poco mas siniestro y expresionista de los que suelo hacer) XD. Creo que este mes estara ya todo (si la tableta grafica no me muere, menos mal que ahora son mas baratas XD)

Ya de paso voy a colgar este fanart terminado (ya colge anteriormente un pedazo de él, que curiosamente ha tenido bastante exito si pensamos que es solamente un pedazo del dibujo original XD). Estoy muy contenta con el color de este dibujo, no he usado negro para que sea más alegre, como una ilustracion infantil (Y como el juego original, pues la saga de Super Mario Bros siempre me ha parecido muy alegre y "happy Flower" ). Ademas tenía ganas de dibujar a Bowser y a su enorme camada de crios

Bowsy esta adorable en el dibujo, por cierto XD.


Corel Painter and Photoshop CS
As all works this drawing has Copyrigth

King Bowser Koopa, Rosalina (Rosetta), the Koopalings (Larry, Morton, Wendy,Iggy, Roy, Lemmy and Ludwig von Koopa), Bowser Jr (Bowsy), Polari and Lumas © Super Mario Bros Nintendo 1986
Artwork © Nuria Abajo Gamarra- iluvendure (myself)
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:lol: What grabbed my attention here when i saw my thumb version was the sheer colour eye candy-ness :eager: The background made me think of an old technique, rather like Crayons where used, making it all come together as apposed to having a white background, and adds a story book theme to it all ^_^ Also the way thr bg was done adds some movement, character and a sense of them being in action.

As for the characters themselves, heh.. i love the variety you have here, everything from the lumas, to the koopa kids is actually very entertaining to look at :D Especially love Bowsers reaction to the telescope lol, that cracked me up :lmao: I love how youve done Rosalina's dress, and side ways pose, her dress is very well drawn, all flowy like that :aww: Truly, a work of art, and also very nice to see characters in other artists styles :nod: Loved this! Keep it up! :clap:

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When I first saw this deviation centring on Super Mario Galaxy character; Princess Rosalina and the Super Mario Brothers series' primary antagonist; Bowser, two thoughts about it came to my mind. The first was the humour tha5t the picture is conveying to those who view it despite the fact hat Rosalina is probably now in danger when Bowser realises the truth about her telescope and the fact that she is not Peach (He will probably be really angry when he finds out because saving Peach is his hobby, what else can Bowser due to pass the time....have a real life and be a responsible father..pfffff, yeah right!), also endangering the lives of several of her lumas and the fact that (By the way, there's a high chance that this could just be me as I've only played through a few levels of Super Mario Galaxy and never played Super Mario Galaxy 2, so if I am incorrect about this part, just ignore it. Thank you :)) I've never seen much relation between Bowser and Rosalina, through neither fan pictures and deviations on the internet (Such as this amazing one) or official games (The closest being the fact that they were both Heavy Karts in Mario Kart Wii-wait, Rosalina's heavy...never saw that fact coming along!) so it's nice to see Nintendo's favourite villains and a major supporting character finally placed together without the mention nor appearance nor reference of any the other main and supporting characters (i.e. Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Toad, Wario, Waluigi, Daisy-characters with more significance than Rosalina). Anyway, focusing on the picture itself, the artwork is phenomenal, possessing a cartoon-like (especially prominent on Bowser's surprised face) but mostly using the original anime-like style from the games in order for the image to look slightly serious. This picture is also an artistically excellent return for more nostalgia as all eight of Bowser's kids (Seriously, who is the mother?!?!? He kidnaps Peach so many times and locks her alone with him in her castle that who would want to marry-:/.....Oh my....) have ,made a glorious return accompanying their father in this picture, each of them with a devilish appearance on their faces, whether it be evil joy or pure fear. I just can't believe that Iggy is zapping those poor Lumas with his wand, I thought he lost in Super Mario Brothers 3 when Mario took it. Although the main character basis of the drawing is simple, I also like the hidden background behind it which is made up of a blue crayon like style to depict space-good contrasting ideas. Well done, Iluvendure, this deviation is one of the best that I have ever seen since I first went on this site and eventually joined. :)
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Princessrosalina456 Apr 7, 2014  Student General Artist
Vivi toda mi infancia engañada con lo de los koopalings T_T
yeah, yo siento exactamente eso XD
Princessrosalina456 Apr 11, 2014  Student General Artist
Nintendo nos arruino a todos la infancia con esa noticia xD
Nice catch, Wendy! :D
Me encanta la composición y el coloreado ^^
thanks you very much
wackko200 Jan 26, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Love this artwork you did here!:) I know how you feel about that news reguards to the Koopalings. They were part of my childhood too. The creator did say according to the "current" Super Mario stories, that the 7 Koopalings are not Bowser's kids.
Thank you very much for the comment.
Yes, this has been a sad news. I feel that part of my childhood is lost
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